Complaining About Complainers

Hey fat guy bitching about having to move to your assigned seat on the plane, shut up and sit down. Nice try attempting to steal the aisle seat. It isn’t yours; your ticket clearly states this, so just move. Yeah, get off your fat ass, stop bitching about how you were “suppose to have” the aisle seat and maneuver. Stop spurting about “your son booking the ticket” or “how you always get the isle”. The nice lady is waiting to sit down and there are two dozen passengers losing patience in the aisle waiting to reach their assigned seats.

Sure, you could lose 100 lbs. or suck it up and stop whining, but what fun is in that. I mean, I wouldn’t have been blessed to hear your shit that day. The poor woman, who was probably up since 4am dealing with the shit that is modern air travel, wouldn’t have had to deal with your garbage either. What about the other passengers in the area, who, like me, got to enjoy your bullshit. And I’m sure the staff on the plane can’t wait for an asshole like you to board. We all would have had a much nicer day, but fuck that — that wasn’t in the cards for you and your fat ass was it?

I’ll tell you what, buddy

go fuck yourself.